Scheduled Groups

Birthday Parties
Looking for a unique alternative for your child's next birthday party? Schedule it at The Pottery Room!
Parties are scheduled for a two hour block of time and can be held any day of the week.

Call the studio for availability.
Latest starting time - 2.5 hours before close.
11:30 pm -1:30 pm
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

There is a $25.00 party reservation fee to reserve your date and time. This fee includes:
* 2-hour block of time for your celebration
* A personalized birthday plate for the guest of honor (created by our staff)
* All clean-up after the event

We do not allow food in the studio, however for a birthday party you are welcome to bring drinks and cake or cupcakes. You may also bring simple table decorations and presents. Party guests MUST paint before they eat as any residue on their hands might damage the pieces they paint. 

Guests can select from the many pieces on our shelves ($10 minimum), although most people choose to set a maximum dollar amount per painter. This gives your guests a wide selection - we really do have something for everyone!

There is no minimum number of painters for a birthday party, but for weekend parties we allow a maximum of 20 guests (including non-painters) due to space. Non-painters are not permitted to use tables in the studio as we need to allow space for our walk-in painters. If you need space for a larger group, we suggest scheduling your party for a weekday when we are less busy and can set aside more space for your guests. 

All birthday party reservations are done through the studio. Stop in or call the studio during business hours to schedule your event.

NOTE: At this time, we do not offer a private/afterhours party option.

Field Trips
Students of all ages will enjoy coming to learn about the process clay goes through before being painted as well as our glazing and firing process. There are so many wonderful connections to science - physical and chemical properties and changes, states of matter, heat and energy, color and light. Not to mention the visual arts! We love hosting field trips at The Pottery Room!
In addition to painting a piece of pottery that they get to KEEP forever, students will be shown clay at various stages (liquid slip, raw clay, leather-hard clay, bone dry greenware, and prefired bisque). They will learn about the color changes that occur during the firing of their painted pieces. They will tour the kiln room and learn how and why we glaze each piece.
Can't come to our studio? We also offer on-site painting experiences - we will bring everything to you! This is a great option for pre-school classes, church groups, and summer/school break camps. 

All field trip scheduling is done through email. Contact us at for additional information, schedule availability and pricing.